whole crispy fish

whole crispy fish



perilla leaf jeon 8
woodear, shiitake, yuba
crudite 13
market vegetables, mentaiko ranch, sunflower ssamjang
fried chicken 11
boneless thighs, kimchi aioli, sweet cukes
chrysanthemum salad 11 endive, sugar snap peas, burdock rice cakes 12
gochujang, anchovy dashi, halloumi, mozzarella
wings or cauliflower 12
bird chili, agave


rice 2
grilled rice cakes 3 sourdough bread 3 anchovy butter


mussels 16
kimchi, enoki, anchovy butter, sourdough
whole crispy fish 28
scallion, mustard seeds, tobiko pork belly 18
perilla, sunflower ssamjang, side of rice

rice & noodles

japchae 14
glass noodles, beets, shiitake, spinach, yuba
jjajangmyeon 14
wheat noodles, roasted black bean, braised pork, onion kimchi fried rice 13
spam, mozzarella, corn, egg


ice cream or sorbet 5

beers & cocktails

cocktails — 12

Velvet Auger

dry gin, beet juice, perilla + mint, lemon

Magia Blanca  

espadin mezcal, pineapple, kafir lime, shiro miso


white rum, blackstrap rum, campari, sweet vermouth, rooibos tea

Infinite Entropy  

bourbon whiskey, plantation pineapple rum, citrus balm, orange bitters

Some Type of Way  

blanco tequila, dry curacao, lime, honey, spice

KICHIN Spritz  

sparkling orange wine, aperol, lemon, orange blossom, mint

beer & cider


7 PILSNER / Bissell Brothers “Precept Pils”

clean and bright german style pilsner; maximum drinkability. Portland, ME

8 IPA Maine Beer Co “Tiny Something Beautiful” 

clean & soft hazy pale ale w/ a great balance of tropical fruits. Freeport, ME

10 DIPA Tired Hands “Oblivex”

serious business double ipa at 9.2% abv. extremely drinkable w/ loads of citrus resin in the back. Philly, PA

10 SIPA Hudson Valley Brewery “Good Old Neon”

rare sour farmhouse ipa with all funk in the trunk. Beacon, NY

9 SAISON / Tired Hands “Shambolic”

crisp & dry style oak-aged saison w/ notes of juicy pineapple, lemongrass and black lime. Philly, PA

8 CIDER / Graft Cider “Fruits of Favor”

crisp, tart and flavor-packed peach mochi cider w/ matcha, white tea, lemongrass & vanilla. Newburgh, NY

bottles & cans

Tecate  5

Schlenkerla “Helles” german lager 9

Shacksbury “Rose Cider”  6

Einbecker “NA Lager Bier” (non-alcoholic)  6

White Label Yerba Mate (non-alcoholic)  5

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WINE  glass | bottle

(the following wines are natural unless specified otherwise)


13 | 48   Gelera Blend Prosecco - Col Fondo, Col Tamarie, Veneto, IT (2017)

-- | 57   Bacchus “Bacchus Pet-Nat” 2Naturkinder, Franken, DE (2017)


14 | 50    Greneche Blend “Rosarte” La Tour de L'evêque, Provence, FR (2017)


14 | 50    Muscat/Garganega “Mosca Bianca” Sieman, Veneto, IT (2017)

-- | 70    Silvaner “Kleine Heimat” 2Naturkinder, Franken, DE (2017)

-- | 110   Verduzzo “Scodavacca” Borc Dodon, Denis Montanar, Friuli, IT (2010)


11 | 40    Roussanne/Viognier “Isa” Les Chemins de Bassac, Languedoc-Roussillon, FR (2017)

15 | 54    Alvarinho Quinta Cova da Raposa, Minho, PT (2017)


13 | 48    Zweigelt/St. Laurent “Ret” Koppitsch, Burgenland, AT (2017) *chilled

14 | 52    Gamay “Coteaux Bourguignons” Didier Montchovet, Burgundy, FR (2017) *chilled

13 | 48    Merlot Paraschos, Friuli, IT (2012)

-- | 58    Sangiovese/Ciliegiolo“Chiesino Rosso” Podere Di Rosa, Tuscany, IT (2016)